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Sphere Care Solutions is a leading provider of consultation and management services within the healthcare sector. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, the company has a proven track record of helping healthcare organisations achieve their goals and improve clients and stakeholders outcomes.

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Tender Writing

Tender writing involves creating a comprehensive proposal document in response to a request for proposal (RFP) or invitation to tender (ITT). Our experts helps in writing successful tenders to achieve the best outcome.

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Understand the Requirements

Thoroughly review the RFP or ITT document to understand the requirements, scope of work, and evaluation criteria. Ensure that you understand the client’s needs and expectations.

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Selection Criteria

We ensure that we address all the selection criteria outlined in the RFP or ITT document. Use clear and specific examples to demonstrate how you meet the criteria to be successful.

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Growing Your Dreams.

Sphere Care Solutions works reasonably and comparatively with care industry guru, and we have written over 1005 tenders for our clients and partners in UK and we have been successful in at least 7 out of 10 tenders we have written and submitted to LCC. The care sector is big enough for everyone to be successful with the right approach, strategic planning and right structure that will drive growth and success to your business


Customer Value Chain.

Tender writing is like making a promise about your organisation’s future – Constructively there are lots of segments that need reviewing through the tendering process, checklists, compliance, policies and procedures to match your supplies to the Local Authority, Business Continuity Plan, Statement of Purpose and deliverable. As a care provider, it is essential that we help you prove beyond reasonable doubt to achieve the best possible outcome when submitting your tender


We’ll Help You Get There.

Sphere Care Solutions professionals will help you through The standard Selection Questionnaire which is structured in 3 separate parts: • Standard Selection Questionnaire covers the basic information about the supplier, such as the contact details, trade memberships, details of parent companies, group bidding and so on. • Self-declaration regarding whether or not any of the exclusion grounds apply. • Self-declaration regarding whether or not the company meets the selection criteria in respect of their financial standing

Our Services

At Sphere Care Solutions we prioritise the queries of our customers and ensuring all aspects of their businesses are met. We provide services from and not limited to Tender writing, CQC & Ofsted registration, Audits, Policies and Procedures for children’s home, semi-independent 16+ supported accommodation 16-17, supported living, domiciliary care and care employment agency.

Work Smart

Not Hard

Health and Social Care is in its prime, lets help you to achieve the best business outcome. Over a decade, Sphere Care Solutions has been serving health and social care businesses – protecting businesses, and mitigating losses
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