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Sphere Care Solutions is a leading provider of consultation and management services within the healthcare sector. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, the company has a proven track record of helping healthcare organisations achieve their goals and improve clients and stakeholders outcomes.

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At the heart of Sphere Care Solutions success is a team of experienced consultants and managers who are dedicated to providing personalised and effective solutions for our clients. Whether it's optimising operational efficiency, improving clinical outcomes, or enhancing the clients experience, Sphere Care Solutions's team has the knowledge and expertise to help healthcare organisations succeed.

Policies & Procedures

We provide healthcare policies and procedures for care businesses that outlines your standards of care, safety protocols, and other operational details. It is imperative to have in place robust, compliant and up-to-date policies and procedure tailored to your specific organisation needs

Bid & Tender Writing

We have supported over 1000 customers across UK with successful tender writing and winning contract from the Local Authorities amongst others. We pride ourselves with high level of professional content writing, research and review that meet LCC specifications and ITT

Ofsted & CQC Registration

Our professional team has been working endlessly with care providers in reaching their goals in the business world. We can support you with CQC and Ofsted registration through our quality review, audit, checks and providing compliant policies and procedures tailored to your business needs

Additionally, we disclose any potential conflicts of interest and we are transparent about our fees during and after our consultations.


Acting in Your Best Interest.

We want to understand our client's financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment objectives to enable us conduct thorough research and analysis to ensure that any advice or recommendations we provide are suitable for specific client's situation.

We talk to our client to understand their long-term goals and objectives. Your business goals might include saving for refurbishment, buying a home, paying for Tenders, Policies and Procedures, Ofsted & CQC Registration, or scaling your care business.


Planning For The Future.

Our team of experts takes comprehensive approach to planning our client's business plan, so we can help them achieve their long-term financial goals and build a strong, lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Our professionals will ensure that we continue to provide quality service and products that meets your healthcare business. Your progress and success in the sector is important to us and we take seriously your growth and scaling your business in a timely manner.


Customer Value Chain.

It is imperative that our clients are aware of a product or service, which enables them to consider whether it meets their needs and requirements.

Growing Your Dreams.

Consider expanding your services to meet the changing needs of your patients and stay competitive in the healthcare market. This may involve introducing new services, such as mobile healthcare, or expanding to new geographic locations. Our experts always encourage our clients to regularly monitor their financial performance, including revenue, expenses, and cash flow, to identify areas of opportunity for growth and profitability. Develop a marketing strategy that targets your ideal patient demographic and leverages multiple channels, such as social media, online advertising, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Planning For The Future.

Our experts works with care businesses to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help reach its target audience and increase sales. This includes developing a strong online presence, creating targeted advertising campaigns, or leveraging social media to connect with customers. Health and Social Care services need identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. This includes analysing financial statements, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and creating forecasts to help the business plan for the future.

The Next Big Thing.

We advise our clients and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach potential users and referral sources. This may involve developing a strong online presence, attending industry events, or partnering with local organisations. Care services and providers in UK need to attract and retain top talent by offering competitive compensation and benefits, a positive work environment, and opportunities for career growth. Scaling your care business requires strategic planning, building relationships with local councils near you and providing outstanding level of care to your users

Set Goals. Reach. Repeat.

It is imperative that we work closely and collaboratively to achieve the expected outcomes by our clients and partners through effective communication, networking and professional conducts. Having a successful registration with Ofsted / CQC is one part of the stages to progression in the Health and Social Care sector but making your care business operational including contracts from LCC in UK is imperative in all areas and we are here to support you through this process.

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