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Sphere Care Solutions is a leading provider of consultation and management services within the healthcare sector. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, the company has a proven track record of helping healthcare organisations achieve their goals and improve clients and stakeholders outcomes.

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Start A Care Business

Setting up any care business comes with a lot of dedication, consistent decision making, right practice, good culture and ability to be proactive when collating evidence based documents that will be presented to Ofsted and Inspectors during registration period.

Compliant Policies and Procedures

We have high quality of policies and procedures that is tailored to children services and business in UK. Contact our experts to support you with compliant policies and procedures that meets regulatory standards and legislations in UK.


Ofsted Registration

At Sphere Care Solutions, we have professional team consultants that has achieved successful registration with Ofsted in recent years and we are hear to listen and support you with our expertise and guidance in achieving the best possible outcome when applying to register your children services with Ofsted

Recruitment and Selection Process

Thorough checks during recruitment selection is very important and we can guide you in the right direction with necessary policies and procedures that is tailored round selection process e.g., safer recruitment policy and recruitment and selection policy.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Safeguarding and Protecting children is fundamental in the livelihood and wellbeing of vulnerable children and having trained and experienced staff members working to keep them safe and protected is paramount and we will help you identify reasonable approach in doing so

Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery

With our expert support and guidance, we provide you with a detailed, informative and tailored Business Continuity Plan that stipulates your business plan and disaster recovery strategy in case of any unforeseen circumstances or disruption in the country.

Compliance & Audits - Forms / Templates

Lets help you to analyse the current process to identify any inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or areas for improvement. Gather feedback from stakeholders and employees involved in the process.

Statement of Purpose

We can help you design and write a strong statement of purpose that is clear, concise, and well-organized which will begin with a brief introduction that outlines the organisation's background and objectives, followed by a section that highlights your model of services, objectives, placement, relevant experiences, skills, and achievements.

Successful Bid & Tender Writing - 90%

Our experts demonstrate professionalism in successful tender writing, concise and clear review of local authorities expectations while collectively working to ensure you WIN your tender. We will help you complete provider’s form, ITT and Pre-qualification questionnaires and additional documents required to be successful in your tender application to LCC. Trust our experts with decades of experiences in your health and social care business journey

Happy Customers

We Do The Work

You See Result

Why not let our experts do the job, while your vision and mission speaks volume. Scaling your business is the most valuable to us and we take pride in ensuring that your sacrifice payoff. We have experts with over two decades of experience in the health and social care industry supporting care businesses like yours to attain a greater stance in the care world.
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Buy Policies & Procedures

We have approximately 500 Compliant Policies & Procedures that meets regulatory standards ensuring your business is operational to high standards and meeting your care business needs. We also have Healthcare package which includes risk assessments, health and safety templates and forms.
  • Package A
  • £ 180 One time purchase
    • Safeguarding Policy
    • Health & Safety Policy
    • Business Management Policy
    • Child Sexual Exploitation Policy
    • Food Safety & Hygiene Policy
  • Package B
  • £ 180 One time purchase
    • Physical Intervention Policy
    • Harassment Policy
    • Equality and Diversity Policy
    • Anti-Bullying Policy
    • Missing From Home Policy
  • Package C
  • £ 180 One time purchase
    • Confidentiality Policy
    • Safer Recruitment Policy
    • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy
    • Medication Policy
    • Data Protection Policy
  • Package D
  • £ 429 One time purchase
    • Locality Risk Assessment
    • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
    • Epilepsy Policy
    • Fire Safety Policy and Procedure
    • Infection Prevention Policy